Follow the code of conduct to ensure good standing.

Multiple Accounts / Devices

You should only have one NinjaFT account, one wallet, and one device. Do not use NinjaFT from multiple devices, or control multiple devices, accounts, players or wallets. Anyone caught controlling multiple accounts will be banned.
NinjaFT is not for farming or exploiting and doing so ruins the health of the community.


Exploiting the app to earn rewards, cheat, or gain an advantage is not permitted. If you encounter technical issues, report them. This applies to every feature in NinjaFT.


Any players using auto clickers or bots will be banned.

Leaving Battles

Players that repeatedly leave battles, or are unresponsive may be banned from Ninja Battles.


Bullying, taunting or abuse is not permitted. Be respectful when battling others and use sportsmanslike conduct at all times.
Looking for loopholes or exploiting the rewards system in any way is grounds for permanent ban.
Any form of doxxing, harrassment, or threats against against a member of the community is strictly prohibited.