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Meet the amazing artists on our team.

Shim • Lead Artist


Shim illustrates every single NinjaVerse NFT including weapons, pets, ninjas and more.
She is a popular Twitch Emote artist from France, and studied visual art in France and Canada.
Shim keeps busy as a full-time artist by freelancing, streaming her process on Twitch, being an active member of the French artist community on Twitter, working for NinjaFT, and running her Etsy shop!
Look out for Shim's first art collection coming soon to the Candy Machine 👀


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Libby • Lead Graphic Designer


Libby is a talented Canadian graphic designer responsible for designing UI elements, multiple Candy Machine collections, special Ninja Battles exclusives and more!
She is a gaming nerd (Minecraft, Apex), former model, and graduated with a degree in Digital Arts. See if you can spot her in the RUG PULL video!
Libby has been designing for NinjaFT since our humble beginnings as a trading card maker in September 2020! She's a superstar and an OG team member.


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