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Trading Guide

Follow these guidelines for safe peer-to-peer trades via Discord.

🚨 1. Trading Is Risky

The safest way to buy, sell or trade your NFT with someone is to sell on tofuNFT
Trading peer-to-peer carries the risk of the other person not honoring the deal. If this occurs, they will be banned from Discord and NinjaFT, but your NFT/funds will be irretrievable.

Look out for scammers:

Sketchy messages.
Rushing trades.
Impersonating other members.
Telling you to send first.

Be very careful. Confirm their identity in public by @'ing them in the server. Ask others. Be 100% sure they are who they appear to be.

💰 2. Use Trust Wallet or MetaMask

All NinjaFT users have either Trust Wallet or MetaMask, so you should be using these wallets to conduct your trades. You should be using Smart Chain for all payments.
Note: To transfer an NFT to someone directly, you'll need a small amount (less than $1) of Smart Chain in your wallet. To purchase this cryptocurrency, see here.

✅ 3. Trusted Trader

A person with the Trusted Trader role has completed verified trades and granted status by Discord admins. If they have this role, you can confidently send NFTs to them first to begin the trade. Still, be careful because they can scam.

📤 4. Begin Trade

The buyer should transfer their BNB (or NFT) to the seller at their Smart Chain (BNB) address (starts with 0x..) and provide a screenshot of the sent transaction.
Here's how to copy your Smart Chain address.

📥 The seller will then send the NFT to the buyer at their Smart Chain address and provide a screenshot.

If there's any issue, contact @ninjaftdev on Discord.