The digital world for our NinjaFT NFTs. Follow the journey:

Phase I: Avatar Editor (December 2021)

Customize your Ninja Avatar with NFTs you own.

Phase II: Marketplace

Buy, sell, and trade NFTs with others over Discord and

Phase III: Redeem

Redeem your coins earned in NinjaFT for NFT accessories.

Phase IV: Arcade

Casual games to earn coins.

Phase V: WalletConnect

Connect your crypto wallet to import NinjaFT NFTs obtained externally. Use the verified NFTs in Avatar Editor.

Phase VI: Dojo

Chat and hang out with other Ninjas.

Phase VII: NinjaVerse on tofuNFT

Establishing our verified secondary marketplace on

Phase VIII: Ninja Battles Beta

Beta / 1.0 release of Ninja Battles, Battles HQ, and NinjaDex.

Phase IX: Ninja Battles (April 2022)

• Ninja Battles Graphics
• Ninja Battles Achievements
• Ninja Battles Season 2
• Ninja Battles Art Exclusives (NHV2, GayPunks, etc.)
• Cash Out to BNB
• 1/1 NFTs Out Of Print

Phase X: Play-to-Earn (May 2022)

• Simulation Mode
• Ninja Battles Exclusives Stat Boost
• Rhino Mob War

Phase XI: Advanced (June 2022)

• Battles Type Advantage (Fire, Water, Lightning, etc.)
• New NFT Collection: Weaselz

Phase XII: Clans (July 2022)

• Clans Beta
• Double XP Weekends
• 1/5 NFTs Out Of Print
• 100 BNB Trading Volume
• New NFT Collection: NinjaBotz

Phase XIII: JungleVerse (August 2022)

• Clans Phase II
• JungleVerse Beta
• JC Step Challenge
• New NFT Collection: NinjaApez

Phase XIV: Grow (September 2022)

• Referral Campaign
• JC Merch
• Jungle Gym Chatroom
• Clan Leaders
• New NFT Collection: SAM THE SAMURAI

Phase XV: Fusion (October 2022)

• Fusion Pets
• Codebase Upgrade
• 200 BNB Trading Volume [NinjaVerse]
• 100 BNB Trading Volume [JC]

Phase XVI: Creator Skins (November 2022)

Phase XVII: Presence & Preparation (December 2022)

New Skins

Phase XVIII: 2023 Release (January 2023)

Double XP Month [Jan]

In January, all players earn 2x Coins for wins and losses vs. December! This is THE ultimate time to battle and grind and experience the new twists we added to the game. Since the Referral challenge was affected by botting, we think this is the perfect way to distribute huge rewards to everyone at all levels.

Battles Horizontal Mode

We added support for battling in landscape mode! Tap your ninja in the lobby to rotate or use the in-game menu. This highly requested feature will be enhanced further by the upcoming dynamic battlegrounds.


The game has changed once again with powerful spells! This new strategic element lets you play special effects that alter the game state. Initially there are 4 spells released as NFTs; way more on the way! Use one per turn and strategize to defeat your opponent! They are available for coins in Redeem.


We pushed the game further with 1-time power ups that can give you the edge in a pinch! Look for Health Potions, Rage Potions, and more in the Store, or grab them in battle with coins for hail-mary victories.

Battles Upgrades

Enhancements include: Mute Game Chat, Auto Relaunch Into Lobby, Fusion Auto-Select, Menu Update, Sound FX, Time Extensions for Chat + Swap, and Performance / Data Saver.


We’ll be adding Spells, Potions and Fusions categories in the store to streamline the shopping process. We’re making more items visible to make it easier to obtain the right NFTs for your strategy.

Unlockable Themes

By owning a Candy Exclusive, you’ll now get themes that style your stat card and tile in Rankings. Check it out in Avatar Editor.

Battles HQ

In HQ, type a username and press enter to search for a specific player!


We will make JungleVerse visible to all to encourage more folks to join the JC Army.

NinjaAura Backup Element

No element on your primary weapon? Your aura will now give you an elemental boost in it’s place!

Fusion Gear & Armor

Confirmed! Fusion Gear and Armor are coming and Shim made them look INSANE!!! NEW: We will have three versions of each fusion - a base form and enhanced forms that provide a minor stat bump, alternate art, and some elemental additions. With spells, potions, and new fusions we expect every turn to have a power move of some kind!

Battles Dynamic Environment (Cancelled)

Battlegrounds will now have animated, dynamic environments that make battling more immersive and fun!

Battles Spectator Mode

Catch a match from the live feed, and tune in to see the epic battle!

New Candy Collection [In Design]

It’s been a while, but we’re launching a new collection soon! Weaselz are now sold out! Get pumped.

Phase XIX: Adapt, Build & Grow (February 2023)

• Redeem Shop (All Items)
• JC Daily Challenge
• Social Media Push
• Bot Battles

Phase XX: Bet (March 2023)

• Betting
• Town Hall

Phase XXI: BUIDL (April 2023)

• New Website:
• Coin Log

Phase XXII: Champion Era (May 2023)

• Champion & Battle Pass
• Season Prize Pool

Phase XXIII: JC.APP (June 2023)

• JungleVerse => JC.APP
• WalletConnect V2

Phase XXIV: Ninja Valley (August 2023)

• Refreshed UI
• King of the Hill
• Arcade
• Hall of Fame
• Brand-New Rewards
• DojoGPT