The digital world for our NinjaFT NFTs.

Phase I: Avatar Editor (December 2021)

Customize your Ninja Avatar with NFTs you own.

Phase II: Marketplace

Buy, sell, and trade NFTs with others over Discord and

Phase III: Redeem

Redeem your coins earned in NinjaFT for NFT accessories.

Phase IV: Arcade

Casual games to earn coins.

Phase V: WalletConnect

Connect your crypto wallet to import NinjaFT NFTs obtained externally. Use the verified NFTs in Avatar Editor.

Phase VI: Dojo

Chat and hang out with other Ninjas.

Phase VII: NinjaVerse on tofuNFT

Establishing our verified secondary marketplace on

Phase VIII: Ninja Battles Beta

Beta / 1.0 release of Ninja Battles, Battles HQ, and NinjaDex.

Phase IX: Ninja Battles (April 2022)

• Ninja Battles Graphics
• Ninja Battles Achievements
• Ninja Battles Season 2
• Ninja Battles Art Exclusives (NHV2, GayPunks, etc.)
• Cash Out to BNB
• 1/1 NFTs Out Of Print

Phase X: Play-to-Earn (May 2022)

• Simulation Mode
• Ninja Battles Exclusives Stat Boost
• Rhino Mob War

Phase XI: Advanced (June 2022)

• Battles Type Advantage (Fire, Water, Lightning, etc.)
• New NFT Collection: Weaselz

Phase XII: Clans (July 2022)

• Clans Beta
• Double XP Weekends
• 1/5 NFTs Out Of Print
• 100 BNB Trading Volume
• New NFT Collection: NinjaBotz

Phase XIII: JungleVerse (August 2022)

• Clans Phase II
• JungleVerse Beta
• JC Step Challenge
• New NFT Collection: NinjaApez

Phase XIV: Grow (September 2022)

• Referral Campaign
• JC Merch
• Jungle Gym Chatroom
• Clan Leaders
• New NFT Collection: SAM THE SAMURAI

Phase XV: Fusion (October 2022)

• Fusion Pets
• Codebase Upgrade
• 200 BNB Trading Volume [NinjaVerse]
• 100 BNB Trading Volume [JC]

Phase XVI: Creator Skins (November 2022)

• Fusion Weapons