Ninja Battles

Face off against other ninjas in a 1v1 showdown.


Free: Jump into NinjaFT instantly and start playing and earning. Simply sign in with Apple / Google and play your first online match. (Up to 100 Wins)
Battle Pass: Continue playing with the default ninjas AND this season's Champion. You don't own these NFTs, but you can earn coins, rewards, and build your NFT collection!
Advanced: Battle with NFTs you own to earn the MAX amount of coins from Betting and Clan Bonus. Take advantage of Spells and Fusions for MAX strategy and control your foe.

Verify Ninja

You can play for free with a Guest Ninja. Or, buy your own NFTs to earn rewards and coins.
To use your Weapon, Pet, Gear, and Armor NFTs in battle they must satisfy 1 of the following criteria:
  • Untransferred: Purchased, not yet transferred to your crypto wallet.
  • 7 Days Old: You can use all your purchased NFTs within 7 days of purchase.

Matchmaking will search for a close match in skill before searching free-for-all. There's a handicap for big differences in stats.
This makes matching faster, and matches competitive against any pair of players. If you’re advanced or a beginner, there’s a chance you could win with some luck and skill.

Dojo Effect

The player with the stronger Dojo increases their stats, while decreasing the stats of their opponent. Elemental Dojos (Fire, Water) boost elemental weapons and pets. Also, the strongest Dojo is featured in the backdrop of the battle.

Overall Rating

The overall strength of your Ninja is determined by all the items equipped. For battles, this breakdown is currently:
• 45% Primary Weapon 🛍
• 30% Ninja 🛍️
• 15% Gear 🛍️
• 10% Secondary Weapon (enables recoil damage)
• Armor Bonus (3-7 ATK or DEF points) 🛍️
• Badge Bonus (1-6 base points) 🛍️
• Dojo Bonus (0-5 base points) 🛍️

Your NinjaPet

Your pet is your partner in Battle! Each turn, your NinjaPet can attack with you and help defend - make sure your pets are strong and ready for battle! 🛍️

Battle Phase

You have two options: engage in Battle, or Swap your NFTs. In Battle, you can do the following:

Ninja Attack

Your Ninja attacks your opponent's Ninja. Damage calculation factors your overall attack against your opponent's overall defense.

Pet Attack

If you have a NinjaPet it can attack on your turn. If your opponent has a pet, your pet will target it. Pets have their own stats and damage calculation.


When attacking an opponent that has a secondary weapon (Shuriken, Kunai, Double Blade) there is a chance you receive recoil damage from your attack. The odds of taking recoil damage is dependent on your opponent's overall speed.

Critical Hit

Mark of the underdog. If your health is lower than your opponent's, you have a chance to turn the tide and inflict multiplicative damage on your attack with a critical hit.


When launching an attack, there is a chance that your Ninja or NinjaPet misses. The chance of missing is dependent on your current Stamina level, plus your overall speed compared to your opponent.

Rage Attack

The harder you get hit, the more your rage builds up! When you enter the red zone (< 20 points), you can unleash a powerful rage attack - which can turn the tables on a stronger opponent. If you're stronger... make sure you strategize and swap at the right time so you can end the fight quickly! If both players are in the red zone, rage is not an option. The chances of landing a rage attack are the same as a normal Ninja Attack.


As you successfully land attacks, your stamina gradually decreases, causing you to miss successive attacks. Swapping your weapon or pet replenishes your Stamina to improve your hit rate.
Swapping your weapon replenishes Ninja Stamina, swapping pet replenishes pet Stamina. Swapping gear and armor will recalculate your stats, but won't replenish Stamina.
Make sure you have multiple weapons, pets, and gear to swap in battle!
You can swap your weapon, pet, gear, and armor in the same turn.
You can only swap 1 spell in a turn, 1 potion in a turn, or 1 fusion in a turn.


  1. 1.
    If your health is below 30 and lower than your opponent's - You can regain HP and stamina by forgoing your attack for the turn. The lower your health, the more HP you get back.
  2. 2.
    Rage is calculated exponentially - a very strong weapon against a very weak opponent will incur a large amount of rage.
  3. 3.
    Pet attacks do not add rage to your opponent.
  4. 4.
    The Dojo land boost is relative to your opponent. Same rarity dojos cancel out, a higher rarity dojo gives an edge.
  5. 5.
    Rage zone / red zone is 19HP and below. Avoid knocking your opponent's health into this zone if you cannot handle their rage attack.


Unleash powerful spells to gain an advantage over your foe. You can block attacks, save your ninja from imminent death, prevent healing potions, or double down on damage for a turn. Check out the Store and Redeem Shop for spells and use them in battle by clicking Swap.


Combine multiple NFTs to unleash a more powerful NFT! You can combine 5, 7, or 10 NFTs to Fusion Swap. These powerful NFTs take up your swap for the turn, so use them wisely to counter your foe.

End Game

The game ends when a Ninja's health is reduced to zero. You'll get some coins based on your Boost Level and your win recorded. Look out for rewards based on your number of wins in Battles HQ.
If your opponent quits, the game ends and you get the win. If your opponent is inactive for 30 seconds and damage has been dealt, you'll get the win.
If you encounter a scenario where the game is stuck, and your opponent's stats are zero, tap Menu > End Session to safely quit the battle.
Make sure to follow NinjaFT's Terms when playing Ninja Battles.