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How to Earn

Earn NFTs and crypto with NinjaFT!
It's easy for beginners and NFT enthusiasts to join NinjaFT and start earning. The app makes it accessible for anyone to start their collection, play to earn, and trade on the secondary market.

1. Ninja Battles

Battle against other ninjas around the world to actively earn coins! Play for free, or with your own NFTs to earn more.

2. Get NFTs

Purchase NFTs to start your collection! You can use these NFTs to battle and earn coins passively. Buy an NFT from the Store or tofuNFT marketplace.

3. Earn Coins

Earn coins for everything! Buying NFTs, battling, joining daily airdrops and more. You can exchange your coins for BNB in Cash Out.

4. Get Rewards

As you win Ninja Battles, you'll earn NFT and crypto rewards along the way. You can also redeem coins for NFTs.

5. Trade on tofuNFT

List your NFTs for sale on tofuNFT, our official NFT marketplace.

6. Collect NFT Art

Purchase NFTs from our Candy Machine collections such as Jungle Club and NinjaMoji. The collections feature their own private communities, in-game exclusives, and increase your earning potential in NinjaFT.

7. Simulation Mode

Earn coins passively with your NFTs! Your entire collection can be verified to earn coins daily in Simulation Mode.

8. Arcade

Play fun games and earn coins at the same time!