Coin Payouts
Here's how many coins are awarded in NinjaFT.

Updated Sept 2022

We will periodically adjust the rewards structure to make sure we're growing sustainably:
Over the last month we’ve been closely identifying users with multiple accounts, sharing, bots, people paid to play, etc. - so we restructured certain rewards as Pro rewards, to ensure real members of the community are earning them. We are glad that players are getting friends and family involved, but it’s difficult to distinguish friends and someone with multiple accounts.
The second action taken was increasing the referral bonus from 25 coins to 150 coins to heavily promote referring others to join. Now that NinjaFT is established, we are ready to take on our next 1,000 players.
Since the referral bonus has increased, JC Step Challenge is back, and Double XP Weekends are still happening twice per month, the coins awarded in Ninja Battles have been reduced slightly, but still greatly reward active players in the game. With all the ways to earn coins now, we expect to see BNB flowing over to tofuNFT and more secondary market activity.
Under our new rewards structure, expect much faster transfers in September, and lots of activity over on tofu!
Another thing we’ll continue to improve is the newbie experience. We want NinjaFT to be a beginner-friendly destination for those interested in NFTs. As features like Clans, JungleVerse, and Exclusives are added, we will make sure to add value to brand new players also.
Here's the current coin payout amounts:
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