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Boost Level

Turbocharge your earnings.

Play NinjaFT for free and earn coins along the way.

Own your own NFTs? Multiply your earnings with these boost levels and get up to 6x coins each battle.

Current Per Match Rewards

Players with NFTs are rewarded with coins every match based on their collection size, skill, Pro status, and recent NFT acquisitions. Boost your earning potential by reaching these milestones:

Pro User

All subscribers gain a boost in addition to Pro Airdrops, Simulation, Battle Rewards, JC Step Challenge and more.

50+ NFTs

Collectors of 50 NFTs achieve Grandmaster status, and gain a boost.

100+ NFTs

Take it to Legendary Grandmaster status to achieve another earnings boost.

Store Item

Gain a 30-day boost each time you purchase from the NinjaFT store or redeem with coins.

Candy Machine

Gain a 30-day boost each time you mint from the Candy Machine or redeem with coins.

Win Percentage

Maintain a win percentage above 70% in battles to enhance your earnings.