Earn and redeem coins for NFT accessories!

Earn Coins

You earn coins for the following actions:
  • Mint NFT
  • Buy NFT
  • Buy NFT Pack
  • Buy Physical Plaque
  • Buy Candy Machine
  • Invite Friends
  • Airdrops
  • Ninja Battles
  • Pro Subscription
  • Simulation
  • Clans
  • JC Step Challenge
  • Promote

Redeem Coins for NFTs

You'll need a Ninja (Dude, Girl or Kid) or Pro Subscription to redeem Ninja accessories. Head over to the Store to purchase a Ninja (Girl, Dude or Kid) outright, or from a pack.

Go to NinjaVerse

Go to Redeem

Tap the item you want to claim

You can also redeem coins for BNB