Candy Machine

Generate a unique, randomly selected 1:1 NFT avatar.

Purchase a 1:1 NFT

Checkout swiftly and securely with Apple Pay / Google Pay.

Get Exclusives

Get in-game Ninja Battles exclusives for each collection you own, which boost your stats!

Earn Passively

Use Simulation to earn coins daily for each exclusive you own.

Private Discord

Join your clan in a private Discord channel in the NinjaFT server.

Exclusive Airdrops

Participate in Airdrops for holders of your collection.

Unlockable Items

Collect exclusive themes and battlegrounds to use in Ninja Battles.

Jungle Club NFT

Jungle Club holders can wager more coins in Roulette!

Secondary Market

Discover your rarity score, check prices and sell your art on the tofuNFT marketplace.