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Battle Pass

Jump into competitive play instantly.

Battle Modes

Free: Jump into NinjaFT instantly and start playing and earning. Simply sign in with Apple / Google and play your first online match. (Up to 100 Wins)
Battle Pass: Continue playing with the default ninjas AND this season's Champion. You don't own these NFTs, but you can earn coins, rewards, and build your NFT collection!
Advanced: Battle with NFTs you own to earn the MAX amount of coins from Betting and Clan Bonus. Take advantage of Spells and Fusions for MAX strategy and control your foe.
Play competitively with or without NFTs


The Champion is a powerful character sent to destroy all who impede its path. In addition to a strong weapon attack, it has a Special move that multiplies or lowers the attack power. Use it wisely!
Champions in Season 16 have a Rage Shield that prevents 1-Hit KO knockouts from opposing ninjas.

Battle Pass

Buy a Battle Pass to fight with any Champion character.
While you battle with this powerful character, you’ll rack up coins and grow your collection. Once you have enough NFTs, try Advanced Mode and play with granular strategy including Fusion, Spells and Rage.
A Battle Pass is typically valid for the current calendar month or longer.